Nature-inspired designs are gaining more and more popularity as the shift towards a greener planet continues to influence fashion design. Following this trend, shoe label Arnaa for its new Fall-Winter 2017 collection, combines delicate wooden details and finishings with modern shapes and premium materials as to juxtapose the best of nature’s aesthetic appeal and innovative craftsmanship techniques in terms of luxury shoe-making.

Premium and patent leather as well as fine velvet and satin are proposed in a soft and earthy color palette as a clear reference to nature such as beige, brown and grey together with some stronger color accents as deep red and royal blue for a very sophisticated appeal.

A spectacular artwork of geometric wooden blocks is one of the main features in this collection. It can be found on the heels of TERRA – a dark brown chocolate mid-heel sandal with back lace, on upper strap of royal blue velvet or leather brown versions of loafer BROOKLYN I and II as well as on beige satin HAZEL pointed-toe mule.

Further wooden details such as delicate circle pendants are used as finishings for the laces of ELLA – red patent leather decolleté or ELLA II in royal blue velvet as well as on low sandal IVY which couples red patent leather with velvet.

A very precious hand-embroidered wool pattern embellished with silver perls is another important highlight detail for this collection. It can be found on mid-heal sandal IRIS in grey velvet or on high boot LILA and ankle boot LOLA in both black and grey velvet.

The result is a very feminine, stylish yet contemporary collection which perfectly translates Designer Farah Sultan’s inner passion for nature and obsession for perfection into a modern fairytale, exclusively Made in Italy.